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Hail Stone ½” Diameter and Smaller

Few, if any roof shingles damaged.  Leaves stripped from bushes and trees; crops destroyed. Oxidation coatings on paint, wood and metal spattered, thin polyvinylchloride coatings on roofs cracked or broken.  Thin aluminum vents, fins on air conditioning unit, lead sleeves on soil stacks, window screens, and aluminum awnings dented


Hail Stone ¾” Diameter 

Threshold size for damage to roll roofing and deteriorated composition shingles, especially where unsupported.  Painted wood surfaces and deteriorated gray-black slates (especially at corners), chipped; most aluminum vents, flashings, valleys and siding dented.


Hail Stone 1” Diameter 

Threshold size for damage to most lightweight composition shingles. Thin and/or deteriorated wood shingles and shakes occasionally punctured or cracked.  Deteriorated unballasted built-up roofs bruised and brittle flood coats cracked.  Single pane windows and thin skylights shells cracked or broken.


Hail Stone 1 ¼” Diameter 

Threshold size for damage to most heavy composition shingles, wood shingles, and older medium shakes.  Blisters and other unsupported areas on built-up roofs punctured.  Automobile body metal dented and (rarely) windshields cracked.  Galvanized metal vents dented.  Thicker skylights cracked or broken.


Hail Stone 1 ½” Diameter

Threshold size for damage to clay tile, slate and new medium shakes.  Serious denting of automobile body metal.


Hail Stone 1 ¾” Diameter

Threshold size for damage to heavy shakes.  Metal vents cave, Bare spots on built roofs bruised or punctured.


Hail Stone 2” Diameter

Threshold size for damage to new jumbo shakes, most concrete tile, and unballasted built-up roofing on flexible underlayment.

If you recently encountered a hail storm and found hail stones 3/4" or larger, give us a call at 303-883-3865 or email us at  The damaging effects from hail stones starting at this size can amplify the deterioration of older organic, 3-Tab, and T-Lock asphalt shingles, and may qualify you for a roof replacement!

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